Religious Tours

Turkey is a unique country to study the history of three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

It was here that Abraham was challenged by God. It was here that Paul heard the call to carry his message into Europe.

Turkey's geography as the juncture of two peninsulas that bridge Asia and Europe allowed many different peoples to converge upon each other. The peninsulas have been backdrop to the affairs of trade route, forum, battlefield and marketplace. The resulting struggle has produced a challenge of many new ideas, and also, a confluence of religions.

The Jewish, Christian, and Muslim sites, both past and present, are part of living traditions. Followers of each of these religions have had a special tie to the land. Examining the importance of these sites may contribute to understanding the values of all religions in their unique historical and geographical settings.Acknowledging the close relationship of Islam to the other religions, the leaders of the Ottoman Empire and the secular Turkish Republic have officially practiced religious tolerance through the religious community and the Constitution.

Religious tours will be planned to suit your party's budget and time frame. You can always combine them with other areas of interest. Music, antiques, art or cruise itineraries work well with a religious tour.